From the youngest to the most mature of students, Kathryn has been recognized as an incredible teacher of art and life.

Here are some of her students comments

Anna with Her Tiger

Anna with Her Tiger

“I love Cats & Dragons Art classes.  Kathryn is a great teacher and shares her art knowledge and is inspirational!” Anna

Claire Schendel Enjoying Her Journey.

Claire Enjoying Her Journey.

“I have always appreciated art and the aesthetic of beauty but never considered myself and artist.  After years of bringing my daughter to Kathryn’s classes, witnessing her work and nurturing style, I decided to join one of her classes.  This was a leap of faith, but I knew it would be safe to explore my own inner artist with Kathryn.  Each week I look forward to her class.  Because she believes everyone can make art, there is no failure in her class – just an exploration into yourself and bringing forth your own creative voice.  Kathryn uses her artist gift to guide students through each piece of art.  With excitement, she offers her expertise through inquiry and creative play as she watches your piece progress.  Kathryn’s own artwork is superb and recognized internationally in renowned art galleries and shows.  Whether is drawing, painting, mixed media, or abstract art, you are pulled in, staring, wondering, amazed and inspired!” Claire 


Rebecca Katz Beaming with Joy Over Her Completed Piece "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day".

Rebecca Katz Beaming with Joy Over Her Completed Piece “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”.

“I’ve Painted on and off for 45 years, but it wasn’t until I stepped into Kathryn’s enchanting studio that I felt comfortable expressing my creativity.  Kathryn gently guided me towards a new way of looking at the creative process.  Now, I’m painting out of a place of pure joy.”

Rebecca Katz

"Canadian Rockies", Mixed Media by Rebecca Katz

“Canadian Rockies”, Mixed Media by Rebecca Katz











Don O'Brien contemplating His Painting "Xanadu"

Don O’Brien contemplating His Painting “Xanadu”

“I took art lessons from Kathryn Wilson and experienced the freedom of color, form and balance unrestricted by notions of right and wrong, good or bad. Kathryn fosters the willingness to let art happen. She awakens the spirit of exploration, experimentation and discovery. Leaving her lesson each week, I saw the world differently, the way one does when returning from a long trip. Each lesson, each painting, was an amazing journey. I recommend her highly.” Don O’Brien


Pen Drawing by Nora

Pen Drawing by Nora


“Kathryn’s a really good teacher who has a gentle way of instructing and supporting us in our own visions.”  Nora



Slim Beginning His Art Journey

Slim Beginning His Art Journey

“I thought that Cats & Dragons was an art studio that offered art classes to kids.  How pleasantly surprised I was to learn that Kathryn also taught adults!  I have so enjoyed the learning experience with Kathryn.  She is a patient and compassionate teacher. She has encouraged me to go beyond thinking conventionally when wielding a brush and to open up to every possibility.  What a gift to take with me to other aspects of my life.”  Slim Chandra-Shekar




“I LOVE IT!! when I paint, I feel like I’m in the painting.”  Lucy


“Peaceful studio. Kathryn’s a great teacher.  I love it here.  I love to do art” Adam


“Art here is fun and you get to be creative about it.  We get to be ourselves and just go with it” Katerina

Tatyana's Mother's Day Art

Tatyana’s Mother’s Day Art


“I like art at Cats and Dragons Art Studio, because I can express myself and I feel proud when I bring it home.  Kathryn helps and encourages with our own individual art and doesn’t try to change it.” Tatyana

Coulter's Dragon!

Coulter’s Dragon!



“I like that you have the freedom to work on whatever you like in class and in the medium of your choice. I like that Kathryn has so much experience and knowledge and that she helps guide you in your own journey of expression through art.” Coulter




“I love art! I love painting and creating characters.  I love Kathryn and love to be in the art studio!” Connor



Jerry Luff Having Fun with Door Art.

Jerry Luff Having Fun with Door Art.

“Taking a journey of discovery through art is just what I needed!” Jerry Luff


Stella's Art

Stella’s Art

“I like Cats & Dragons Art Studio because we get to choose what we want to paint and we are not all doing the same thing.  Kathryn is a wonderful teacher.” Stella




“When I walk into the studio, it’s colorful, there are reference materials and a wealth of quality art supplies.  I like that Kathryn encourages us to do our own style of art” Megan

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