About Kathryn

About Kathryn Graham Wilson

Life ~ Light ~ Paint ~ Passion ~ Discovery ~ Joy SM

Letting go of the expectations of others and myself, discovering and expressing my own creativity — this is my everyday striving and journey. This journey with art began at the age of two. Since then, my artistic expressions have ranged from the representational to the impressionistic and into the abstract. Not one for boundaries, my paintings embody aspects of one or more of these styles.

Painting, teaching and meditating are my strongest connections to the universe.

Abstractions I find to be the most challenging form of artistic expression that I do.

I leave the safety and comfort of the representational world and go into the unlimited, which can feel overwhelming and like chaos, and I bring back my impressions, arranging them in a way that works for this expression of art. It is a rewarding experience.

I share the gifts of this experience with you.

Kathryn Graham Wilson



“There is no wrong or right in art. There is only art.  It is the individual expression of what the artist sees hears & feels” SM Kathryn Graham Wilson.

Art Classes

Art Classes for children & Adults ~ Celebration of Creativity through Art ~ Healing Art ~ Private lessons ~ Group lessons ~ Art Therapy ~ Workshops ~ Art Camps ~ Special Needs Children: ADD, ADHD, PDD Asperger's, Autistic Syndrome Drawing: Pencil & Pen ~ Painting: Watercolor ~ Acrylics ~ Pastels ~ Mixed Media ~ Collage ~ Gourd Art ~ Representational Art ~ Contemporary Art ~ Abstract Art