Creativity Journeys


  • Take a journey of discovery through art.  You will be guided to align yourself with your creative potential.
  • This is a process of deep play and powerful creativity – where no rules apply.
  • You will be engaged in a process of inquiry to listen to your intuition and relax into your own creativity, authenticity, and experimentation without judgment.
  • People are yearning for a practice to connect with their creativity.  With the world becoming more and more technologically dependent, there are fewer options to connect with freedom and joy of inner creativity.
  • All of us have the ability to be creative, however many of us don’t access that side of our brain often enough.  The Creative journey is designed for people who have never picked up a paint brush, to more experienced painters and artists who want to fully access their creativity in a nurturing environment. The studio is a haven stocked with a treasure trove of materials and art supplies that will gently guide you unlock your inner artist.  When we activate our creativity, we are truly living in the present and can experience pure joy and pleasure through art.
  • “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right wrong there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”  Jalal ad- Din Rumi

Click here to view the testimonials of those who have ventured on an incredible creative journey!

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