Kathryn’s Philosophy

Kathryn Graham Wilson, Teacher and Artist

There is no wrong or right in art. There is only art – the individual expression of what the artist sees, hears, and feels.

At Cats & Dragons Art Studio, students are seen, accepted, and encouraged to develop not only the hands-on skills needed for artistic expression, but the spirit to explore and grow, and to trust the process as it unfolds.  In this rich, creative, peaceful country atmosphere, students have permission to be themselves, without fear of judgment.  In these intimate surroundings, art can be playful, joyous, passionate, mysterious and sometimes challenging- but always supportive of engaging our authentic selves. to provide meaning in our lives.

Done honestly, bravely, with willingness to see so-called ‘mistakes’ as opportunities, the artist ventures into uncharted territory, yielding the satisfaction of the finished work.  This evokes the unique capacities of the artist who strives to “make visible” his or her interior world through image.  Art is a means of expressing the truth of the artist’s life, putting it out so that it can be seen, understood, and appreciated.

Engaging the mind, body, and spirit through practice of art-making promotes self-esteem and mastery. When students work to learn a techniques, while allowing their creativity free reign, they learn to trust themselves, to courageously risk innovation, and to meet challenges with flexibility and grace.

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